Polygraph Internship 2018 
OpticNerve Performance Group
Week 4 
Rehearsal Sneak Peek

The show was starting to come together by week 4. We were doing multiple Pulses per rehearsal followed by retrieval. The retrieval process was a new idea for me, in the sense that the actors were given up to an hour to do their retrieval on the previous Pulse. During the group discussions reflecting on everyones retrievals, I noticed that this allowed all to really remember almost everything that happened during the Pulse in an intellectual way but also in a physical, muscle memory way. When the actors are in a Pulse, it is almost as if they are in a different state of consciousness which allows for their minds and bodies to work off authentic impulses from each other and the text. 

Noting Tanya's Pulse interactions: 

- Feeding lines from the text in

- Paraphrasing lines or situations if the actual lines aren't leading the actors anywhere.

- Giving the actors character back story on the Pulse floor

- Going into the Pulse floor to give individual direction during the Pulse (whispered in actors ear)

- Changing the space when needed (adding/subtracting props, costumes etc.)

Noting these interactions has really helped me reflect on Tanya's directorial process in relation to my own. Especially during the later Pulses Tanya did become more involved in initiating the material that occurred on the Pulse floor. 

This week, I created a Rehearsal Sneak Peek video for OpticNerve Performance Group. Tanya was really keen to have any social media/content creation help, so I made a short video for them. 

Pulse notes

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the land I live, work and create upon. I am grateful for the connections I have had with country and its peoples. I feel fortunate to be able to create new work, collaborate and engage with others on this land. I acknowledge elders past, present and emerging and value the knowledge carried with them.  

© 2017 by Romi Kupfer