Polygraph Internship 2018 
OpticNerve Performance Group
Week 1 
Day 1, script read

Rehearsals commenced on Monday the 4th of June. We rehearsed at the Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne. Before this rehearsal I had only met Tanya Gerstle (director) and Loraine Little (Producer). 

The first week of rehearsals consisted of the group (myself, Tanya, Loraine, Geraldine - voice coach, Lachy - actor, Mel - actor, Grant - actor, Jules - intern, Madisyn - intern) reading the text of Polygraph, discussing questions around it as well as reviewing Tanya's methodology of Pulse training. 

Tanya took this time to explain specifically her process of Pulse within the stages of Immersion, Mapping and Rendering. 

On day three, the actors performed a 'performative response' which was an interesting way to gage how they were feeling towards the text, and what had spiked interest for them. All three performance responses were very different and used sound, lighting, costume. This exercise is a great way to start of a collaborative project, allowing ideas from each contributor to inform the next part of the process. 

For the last two days, the actors Pulsed. During the Pulses, I took notes for Tanya, which were drawings of interesting and engaging physical moments with the actors on the floor. 

Pulse notes

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the land I live, work and create upon. I am grateful for the connections I have had with country and its peoples. I feel fortunate to be able to create new work, collaborate and engage with others on this land. I acknowledge elders past, present and emerging and value the knowledge carried with them.  

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