Polygraph Internship 2018 
OpticNerve Performance Group
Week 7 - Performances

Polygraph ran over a two week season. The performances were received very well by audiences and reviewers: 

"I thought Lepage stripped bare might look a bit thin or middlebrow, but stylish performances from all three actors make this a beguiling and dreamlike production, a shadowland that encompasses everything from Hamlet’s famous speech on suicide (in French) to the voyeurism implicit in Lepage’s whole enterprise" Cameron Woodhead SMH 

"Under Tanya Gerstle’s direction, the cast deliver an outstanding ensemble performance. Gerstle’s influence is a clearly discernible in the gorgeous choreography and at times recklessly physical performance. It takes a special group of performers to not just be willing to take this approach but desirous of it." Raphael Solarsh ArtsHub 

I went to every performance except one, and was able to take notes for Tanya when she wasn't there as well as debriefing with actors on moments they still needed help with. The way production week played out really affected the performances, especially the first few, this has made me very aware of the importance to support actors alongside supporting a vision that you may have for a production. 

I was able to catch up with Tanya one on one for a debrief a month or so after the performance. I found this incredibly helpful to understand how she managed her process and the room over an 8 week period (including performances). 

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the land I live, work and create upon. I am grateful for the connections I have had with country and its peoples. I feel fortunate to be able to create new work, collaborate and engage with others on this land. I acknowledge elders past, present and emerging and value the knowledge carried with them.  

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