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At the centre of our being and our society is a secret world. 
Hidden under the skin, 
Crawling silently over the lips, 
Curling and uncurling in the belly.
But to our outer self, 
To our surrounding world,
To our everyday self, 
This being, 
This life-force, 
These gestures and desires
Are strangers, 
Or intruders, terrorists; 
Or strange new flowerings.
This is a performance in which our estranged bodies and beings take courage,
Step over their borders

Following the success of Awakening The Body in 2013, acclaimed practitioners Helen Smith and Peter Fraser lead students in the development of theatre that takes the physical disciplines of Butoh and Bodyweather as its starting point. This approach explores qualities of the body, rather than psychology, as the inspiration and driving force of performance. Butoh conceives the body as a site of transformation and thus – with a transgressive nature, Becoming Body will leave you inspired and empowered.

Thursday 18 September at 1.00pm and 7.30pm 
Friday 19 and Saturday 20 September at 7.30pm
Drama Theatre, Building 68 Clayton Campus


Produced by MAPA (Monash Academy of Performing Arts)

Cast members contributed to all production elements of this performance. 

Devised and Performed by Romi Kupfer Alexandra Gonos Claire M Debbie Yew Eliza Quinn Emily O'Connor Jonny Dutaillis Sinead Jolliffe Stephanie Williams

Tennessee Mynott-Rudland


© Photography by David Sheehy

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