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Romi Kupfer is a contemporary theatre maker, director and producer. Romi's practice has evolved since 2013 through practical experience collaborating with companies, artists and communities as well as theatre training. Romi holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honours) from Monash University and a Masters of Directing for Performance from the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. 

Romi's work stems from urgent thoughts, experiences and understandings that happen in her life. Often conceptually driven by ideas around culture and identity, mental health, and community engagement. More often than not, Romi devises her work in collaboration with other artists. Romi's work is heavily inspired by physical movement and dance. 

As her practice continues, Romi is driven by creating inclusive and accessible theatrical experiences for both artists and audience members. She has strong relationships with access consultants and encourages collaborations that implement aesthetic access. 

Romi is drawn to working with young people in the arts. She believes there is urgency to creating spaces for young people's voices through artistic practice. And therefore facilitates workshops, and creates performances with and for young people. 

Alongside directing and theatremaking, Romi produces and project manages creative works as a creative producer. 

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