© 2019 by Romi Kupfer


© Photography by Vivian Smith

CORPORATE body brain dead child mildly alive and lifting turning under a flickering fluorescent light washes away the dreams and the secret parts of your heart so the all-seeing-eye can see exactly how you think…

_CONTROL is a supraliminal fantasia, sleepy and at times dystopic.


This physical performance piece was devised over an ten-month period. Romi Kupfer leads an ensemble of seven performers, with her collaborator Elias Jamieson Brown. 

Director Romi Kupfer

Writer Elias Jamieson Brown

Sound Designer Sidney Millar 

Lighting Designer Rachel Lee 

Costume and Set Designer Juliette Whitney

Auslan Interpreters Ilana Gelbart, Benji Hoopmann

Performers Tenielle Thompson, Anna Seymour, Cheryl Ho, Conor Leach, Laura McAloney