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Five women gather together. They knit. And as they knit and talk, the more insular they become.

Five women gather together. They knit. And as they knit, they talk, telling each other the seemingly ordinary stories of their seemingly ordinary lives. But the more they talk, and the more the rhythms of their knitting are disturbed, the more insular they become. Hidden layers of emotional and physical distress – anxiety, sensitivity, depression and obsession – begin to assert themselves. Conversation breaks down. Knitting stops. All that is left are their bodies.

Concept by Romi Kupfer 

Writer: Diane Stubbings

Director: Romi Kupfer

Performers: Angelique Malcolm, Yoni Prior, Sasha Leong, Sonia Marcon, Lesley Coleman

Set and Costume Designer: Betty Auhl 

Projection Artist: Jenna Eriksen

Production Coordinator: Jarman Oakley

Producer: RK Collaborations

Sound Designer: Simon Starr 

Special thanks to Liz Jones and Caitlin Dullard alongside the incredible staff at La Mama, Dalit Kaplan and Raf Dascalu, Monique and Rohan Filer, Habonim Dror, Auspicious Arts Projects, Meredith Fuller and Brian Walsh. The cast of Flesh Disease’s rehearsed reading, Leisa Prowd, Carissa Lee, Willow J Conway, Emily Goddard, Yoni Prior. Our families, friends and communities who have supported us.  

Photography by Darren Gill 

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