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We are diverse, we are women, we are young. Together we are DRAB. Drab is a term that was used in the 16th Century to describe untidy women. We are untidy women who are creating works that aspire to be far from drab. We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences within theatre.


Collectively we have worked in theatre roles throughout Melbourne and overseas in various positions with companies and festivals such as Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company, La Mama, Arena Theatre Company, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne Festival and with such artists as Tim Miller, Mallika Sarabhai, Born in a Taxi and Restless Sleepers as well as devising, performing, directing and writing our own work both individually and collaboratively. We draw inspiration from an array of experiences across theatre, butoh, physical theatre, visual art and film. 


We are insipired by experimental artists who have come before us: Robert Wilson, Sascha Waltz, Pina Bausch and Romeo Castellucci and we use these inspirations as a starting point for creating our own devising techniques and content with the aim to produce a work that is discovering images and elements to our theatre that are compeltely new. 


Gizmo is a physical performance that explores the relationship between how our bodies interact with the elements we bring to our live work (sound, architecture, lighting, objects, projection) we discover the ways these interact, rupture and collide the space. We enter the rehearsal process without any preconceived notions of how our work should look or feel, but the intent to discover and explore something new. 

Devised and Performed by Romi Kupfer Brodie Rowlands Debbie Yew Amber Bock

Lighting Designer Debbie Yew 

Venue: Monash University Clayton Campus, 
Date: May 2015


© Photography by Debbie Y.

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