Polygraph Internship 2018 
OpticNerve Performance Group
Week 2

In week 2, we continued the stage of 'mapping' in the Pulses. Every day the actors went through two pulse sessions, sometimes one session would go for up to two hours. Which I could see was incredibly exhausting for the actors. I noted that usually Tanya works with a larger cast while in Polygraph there was a cast of three. This meant that during the Pulses they had less time to sit on the sidelines or not engage in the Pulse as it was only them generating material. 


We starting focusing on retrievals as well. After a Pulse, everyone would write notes/review their notes and reflect on any ideas or concepts that came up. This took about 45 minutes to 1 hour. During this time Tanya and I looked over our notes, she had written notes while I had the drawings of physicalities. Using this drawing method to remember what happened during the Pulse was very helpful, as I found when I wrote down in a sentence what happened, that did not trigger the memory of the moment for me. 


During this week Geraldine worked on voice with the actors, specifically French and German accents. During the pulses Geraldine and Tanya would feed lines of text at moments to help stimulate the work that was happening on the floor. Geraldine always fed in lines in the appropriate accent which she described was a natural way of helping the actors with their accents. 

Tanya also started adding props to the Pulse floor, such as a sheet, a bench, high heel shoes, a skirt, and a hat. This was a helpful way of seeing whether these props and costumes supported the characters that the actors were finding on the Pulse floor. 

Tanya, Grant and Emily discussing a retrieval
Pulse notes

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