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Singing Swallows connects young people with those who went through the Holocaust. The performance explores what life was like for a young person during this time and how much they might've understood that their communities, identity and lives were at risk. This show tries to spark the imaginations of the young audience through technology and physical performance. Singing Swallows is a starting point of Holocaust education for all audiences, to connect with the messages from Holocaust survivors, messages of love, peace, acceptance, strength. So that when they do engage with Holocaust education, they feel connected to the stories and have empathy and interest to what happened.


Based on truthful recounts of Holocaust experiences

Created by Romi Kupfer

Performers: Romi Kupfer, Flora Feldman, Sol Feldman

Educational Consultant: Tammy Cohen 

Sound Designer: Justin Gardam

Lighting Designer: John Collopy

Production Coordinator: Noah Chrapot

Produced by RK Collaborations

Voiced by Ellie Goldenberg, Noah Goldenberg, Jasmine Filer, Zac Maidenberg and Raymond Kupfer

Special thanks to Henri Korn, Abe Goldberg, Cesia Goldberg and Raymond Kupfer

Photography by Pia Johnson

Film by Outsider Productions

Singing Swallows was initially performed in October 2016 as part of Romi's Honours research inquiry at Monash University. Since then it has been performed multiple times for schools and audiences. 


"For a younger audience, this is an age-appropriate introduction with which they will easily identify. Romi Kupfer has crafted children’s theatre of considerable skill and creative intelligence.”

The Age 

"Kupfer, who works in devising theatre for the young, has masterfully created a symbolic educational piece"

Stage Whispers

"A lot of time, research and care is evident in this performance, to provide a multi-sensory experience… it is family-friendly, accessible to a broad audience, especially children, and tells real stories from our collective history."

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