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Singing Swallows is a compilation of four Holocaust stories, created for young audiences between the ages of nine and 18 years old. Each story focuses on four different journeys of Jewish children/young adults during the Holocaust. The stories, compiled from interviews with Holocaust survivors are voice recorded by young Jewish children in primary school. 


Based on truthful recounts of Holocaust experiences
Written and Directed by Romi Kupfer

Performed by Romi Kupfer, Tammy Cohen, Flora Feldman, Sol Feldman

Sound Design by Justin Gardam

Lighting Design by John Collopy

Set Design  by Romi Kupfer

Art Design by Edden Yemini

Voices Ellie Goldenberg Noah Goldenberg Jasmine Filer Zac Maidenberg Raymond Kupfer

Special Thanks to MAPA 

Singing Swallows was initially performed in October 2016 as part of Romi's Honours research inquiry at Monash University. Since then it has been performed multiple times for schools and young audiences. To find out more about current seasons please visit

© Photography by Peter Haskin

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