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Saltpillar Theatre Company presented as part of a 3 act performance. Talking Cure featured in Act 2 of the comedy Relatively Speaking featuring 3 separate performances written by Elaine May, Ethan Coen and Woody Allen. 


Talking Cure by Ethan Coen concentrates on Larry the patient (played by Ronnen Leizerovitz) and his relationship with his doctor (played by Danny Fox). Through their ongoing stilted and at

times aggressive conversations we are made aware of the incident hat initially brought them together. It is then that Larrys parents (played by Tamara Cohen and Gideon Cohen) are portrayed, giving context to how Larry may have ended up in the thralls of the incident and having his sanity

questioned .

Directed by Romi Kupfer

Performed by Tammy Cohen, Gideon Cohen, Daniel Fox, Ronnen Leizerovitz

Sound Design by Justin Gardam

Costume Design by Beth Auhl
Venue: The Phoenix Theatre, Elwood
Date: April 2016


© Photography by Nikki Saltzman

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