Monash Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA) and Director Jolyon James (Arena Theatre Company) produced The Gift of The Bowerbird. This interactive performance was presented in a kinder environment, stimulus for the performance coming from the children in the kindergarten.


An incredibly magical experience taking the children on a journey around the world in search for the mother bowerbird's blue eggs. 


Cast members contributed to all production elements of this performance. 

Directed by Jolyon James
Devised and Performed by Romi Kupfer Sarah Branton Natasha Somasundaram  Skye Brennan  Hugo Menard Shamita Sivabalan Patrick Collins Brenna Dixon Kat Tuckey Sinead Jolliffe Jason Cheetham Rachel Fegan

Date: Thursday 17th September 2015

© Photography by David Sheehy

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the land I live, work and create upon. I am grateful for the connections I have had with country and its peoples. I feel fortunate to be able to create new work, collaborate and engage with others on this land. I acknowledge elders past, present and emerging and value the knowledge carried with them.  

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